Primathon’s Step towards a better workplace : Clubs for growth

Primathon’s Step towards a better workplace : Clubs for growth

Aug 9, 2021

A company is known by the people running and working in it, as great minds create great ideas. At Primathon, the urge of learning and sharing knowledge is what makes it a shining example in a fast paced world. Being a young face in the industry, the real mantra of growth and success is learning. Learning every-day, every minute to become a better version of ourselves. 

So what did Primathon exactly do to make it a dream workplace for their employees? It introduced the concept of culture CLUBS. What are culture clubs? What is it for? Well, the idea simply came up in the mind of Primathon’s CEO Sagar Patidar when he was working in a different company. He realized how talented and hardworking individuals are losing their interest in learning new skills or refining their existing ones and complaining to the management that they are not learning. So he decided to start the very first club in Primathon called “Learning Club”. The purpose of creating this club is to exchange knowledge, learn from each other’s experiences and also bring experience from the external world to the 360 development of every individual . 

It was not easy at first, to convince people to take out their time on Saturdays and learn something new. But slowly, when everyone understood what changes it can bring to their lives on a long term basis. The interest started to grow, and almost each and every member started attending these club sessions. And with contributions from each and every member of Primathon, the idea of “Habit of Learning Something New” became a success. 

Now, Primathon has three different clubs where every aspect of growth is covered and the mission of becoming a better individual is under progression. These clubs are: 

  • Learning Club

Learning clubs was the first club established in Jan 2020. The main objective of the learning club was to create a 1% improvement everyday in everyone’s mindset. Many activities such as knowledge exchange, guest sessions, and group activities have been done over the last 18 months. Out of the last 75 weeks, we did more than 50 sessions and participation was always more than 90%. Now after seeing the impact themselves, the team itself takes initiative for various learning activities. All of us add some significant skillset to ourselves every quarter. Being a software development company, technical topics were highlighted at the beginning, but slowly and gradually, the focus diverted towards every aspect of running a successful business. The learning club not only helped individuals to learn new topics and subjects, it also helped in creating a working environment where individuals are more than just a colleague. 

Caption: Glimpse of the Saturday session. Pre-covid time.

  • Health Club

Twenties is a sweet period to spoil your health by eating unhealthy or not exercising and due to work pressure.. 

In order to keep up with the common health habits that we neglect quite often, we introduced “Health Club”. Health club’s prime purpose is to create awareness towards health habits and educate about some simple and easy to follow steps to become healthier everyday. As a very first activity, we started doing a 10km marathon on Saturday mornings and we bound marathons attendance with monthly Party and weekly breakfast party to motivate initially. Slowly, people started loving it as it helped increase their energy.  Now we are working on building a discipline around physical and mental fitness. Better health can not only help in feeling more fit, it also allows a free and healthy mind to increase focus and hence productivity. 

  • Wealth Club

Again from our experience, we learnt that 20s is a sweet period to throw your hard earned money in random activities and materialistic goods. In our education system or even at home, we were never taught about basic financial education. However, we feel that it is very necessary to have this knowledge for a happy life and good growth. We launched Wealth Club. We educate and encourage wealth creation.  Sharing knowledge of how to invest and what are their nuances, Wealth Club focuses on bringing habits of saving money and eventually growing them the right way.

These are some of the efforts done by Primathon to help individuals evolve and build a habit that may last with them forever, and for good. But this is just a start! In the next 6 months, we are coming up with a few more ideas to make the best culture first company in the world. As a team, the focus is to help every individual to come out of their closet and explore new possibilities. More and more activities, seminars and guest speakers are yet to come, as we are not stopping here. At Primathon, we believe in growth, in everyone, in every dimension!

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