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How to ensure quality and timely delivery when outsourcing software development?

We live in a world that is entirely dependent on technology. In fact, there is no industry that does not leverage the help of a software or app to increase productivity, offer customer support, or carry out operations that can help a business thrive. If you’re planning to create your own software, whether for your own brand’s operations or for customers to use, you need the help of a great offshore development company at every step of the way.

While outsourcing was considered to be a bit of a gamble a decade ago, it has become a large market within the IT space and is relied on by various brands throughout the world. If you are planning to outsource your software development requirements, then you’re probably wondering how you can ensure quality work and timely delivery. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods you can use for the same.

1.    Start by vetting your potential vendors

While this may seem like a simplistic solution, the truth is that everything boils down to the kind of team you are working with. A professional team that has years of experience developing custom software, offering innovative solutions, and even handling the content can prove to be invaluable for your needs. So, start by identifying the right team to work with, and then employ the methods discussed below.

2.    Validate your requirements

If you are planning to offer a product or service, it is essential to start by identifying exactly what you need. Creating a list of your requirements and discussing the same with your team is the first step in ensuring high-quality as well as timely deliveries. An inability to offer such a list will only result in ad-hoc demands down the road, and a significant delay in timelines.

3.    Request Agile Development

As a professional in the IT industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about waterfall and agile development. Agile development has long been lauded as the most effective way to develop software as the development itself happens in cycles or stages. This allows both the developers and the client to evaluate each and every stage properly before moving on to the next one. The three main benefits of this methodology are that it ensures incremental growth, scope for timely feedback, and an adherence to timelines. As a result, picking an Agile software development company can be supremely beneficial.

4.    Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools can prove to be a boon, particularly when you are outsourcing your work. The most basic tool that can be implemented is a Google Sheet that lets you track the progress of different stages of the project, and helps you have an accurate idea of where you are headed. Other project management tools can help you track workflow, the time spent on each task, the productivity of each employee, and so on. You can use these to keep an eye on your in-house team, while also ensuring that all the offshore software outsourcing work happens smoothly.

5.    Conduct Frequent Test

One of the best ways to speed up approvals at every stage and ensure that all timelines are met is by conducting tests frequently. This is a tried-and-tested method that is used by most software development companies to see how the code is performing, whether there are any bugs, and to identify the changes that are required well before the delivery time. This can help ensure that your in-house team never has to do more than a cursory check at their end, and they can be free to focus on big-picture things such as sales and marketing.

These methods will ensure that no matter which offshore software outsourcing company you pick, the work will be finished in time without any quality hiccups. Click here to know more!

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