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How to evaluate a software development partner?

Choosing the right technology partner to outsource your projects can be the most critical decision you make for your business. The team you work with and the way they handle their operations can determine the success or failure of your software. Nowadays, most companies outsource their projects by choosing off-shore partners due to lower labor costs and faster turnaround periods. However, on the downside, you must place your trust in a team you’ve never met.

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to pick the right software development partner, even if you never actually meet them.

1.   Evaluate their capabilities

When looking for software development partners, it is important to start by evaluating the capabilities they bring to the table. The ideal team is one that has many offerings – end-to-end product development, team augmentation and building and managing solutions that are catered to your specific needs.

Apart from speaking to the team about their capabilities, you should also take a look at their portfolio to see the kind of work they have delivered in the past. This will give you a fair idea about the quality that they can offer.

2.   Check their security protocols

When you’re working with a new technology partner, you’re placing all your important data in the hands of another team. Now, whether you’re planning to outsource software development related to your own work, or a client’s, data security is certainly one of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for a technology partner.

Different companies have their own security protocols in place, and most will be happy to explain the same to you. To be on the safe side, you can also ask the company to sign an NDA and other documents that ensure there’s an extra safety net put in place.

Working with reliable data sharing software can also help you ensure that all your data is always protected. These software can also be used to share software drafts that no one, except the desired personnel, can actually access.

3.   Find out if they are innovative!

The technology landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. While it’s great to work with software development partners who can create the kinds of software and apps that are trending at the moment, it’s even more important to work with a team that specializes in creative thinking and innovation, so that your product is always future-proof.

An innovative team is also one that is willing to be flexible throughout the software development lifecycle. If the team does not seem like they are open to suggestions or do not want to do their research to understand where technology is headed, then they may not be right for you!

These three parameters can help you narrow down a list of potential vendors to find the perfect team to take your product to fruition. Make sure you spend ample time getting to know the team and understanding how they work so that there are no rude surprises later.

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