How #Olympics2020 Inspired Rebranding of Primathon: Primathon 2.0

How #Olympics2020 Inspired Rebranding of Primathon: Primathon 2.0

Jul 29, 2021

This year marks the third anniversary of founding Primathon. Many ideas were changed, experiments were done, and over the period of time, we realized building an organization is all about building the right culture. 

We believe in working consistently for long-term goals to build an organization that could last centuries. Our vision is to build a team of passionate individuals with expertise in programming, ability to enhance their craft and go beyond limits, since day one!

We, at Primathon, value excellence and believe in continuously learning to strive for the same. 

Our rebranding inspiration came from the Olympics, as the Olympics represent excellence and most importantly being the best version of ourselves.

The Olympics represent greatness and mission driven life. Similarly, our rebranding vision goes on the same path. 

Introducing Primathon 2.0! 

Here we are with our perspective and vision behind our logo:

Each color in our logo is inspired from Olympics rings representing different core values of primathon.

Blue – Representing Customer Obsession. Customer service, trust, loyalty and security of their proprietary information are of the highest priority for us. On the other hand, it instills trust with our people too. We believe trust is the keeper!

Red –  Representing Ownership. We build softwares like they are our own. We do everything with passion and precision.

Orange: Representing Innovation. Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and scientific developments is the need of the hour. We believe in innovating with technology and products. 

Green: Representing Growth driven mindset. High growth for our employees and customers. We believe growth is the way to life.

Dark Navy Blue: Representing Inspiration. This is not taken from the Olympics colors, but we kept it close to black. We believe that the biggest impact that you can create in anybody’s life is by inspiring others to be more, be the best. We thrive for excellence in everything we do and let our work make the noise. 

Moreover, the shape of each color represents “1”. It simply represents our vision of being the best in the game and our determination of working towards being number “1”.

What started as a small software/technology service based company has now reached heights, with consistent hard work and perseverance. But, we’ve just begun, the best is yet to come. As we are reaching new heights everyday, we are set to be the industry leaders in the coming years. 

With the constant urge of upskilling millions and generating employment opportunities for our fellow Indians, we are successfully moving forward, towards making a dream space for everyone.  

Come join us and be a part of this movement!

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