A dive into my life as a Prima Rockstar : By Ishi Gupta

This is my first job, and the first job is very special!. Being a fresher, with no past experience in the tech industry, itself poses many challenges and questions for me as an individual. I was a bit nervous and excited to get an opportunity to work on real-life projects. 

I remembered how it all started with introductions and talks in the health club of the company followed us with a 30 days onboarding plan. Yes, the second day I joined, I was handed over with a long pdf to continue for 30 days or less than that. I was again filled with questions- what is the long-term use, how can I study in such a short span, will I be able to remember them all as many topics are apparently never known to me. Though these days are quite boring as it includes learning with no interactions. And you know what, the worst which can happen is an interview of the learning completed to any date. All now, got mixed up with this pressure of 30 days. But as the months passed, I was in a project team and realized how these 30 days of overview knowledge helped me in the project development process.

Meetings, my great source of exposure-

I used to attend meetings like an obedient child since I just came from a college background, but who knows they can be proven to be the biggest source of exposure.

 I personally enjoyed the first Saturday after my joining, where we had our TALENT-HUNT COMPETITION, where I got to interact, laugh with more people. Since I am always an extrovert person, it has become clear that cooperative life(my job) is not what I actually think, it’s more of family relations which includes laughter, jokes, growth, opportunity, personal talks, and finally my friend circle increases. There doesn’t exist any boss-employee relationship, rather all are respected and treated at the same level. I remembered once said by our CEO-” You can be the part of any department if you are willing to be, and I will give this opportunity to all the desired people”

Then I started exploring various departments in our company. So, iI interacted with the marketing team and decided to launch a doodle on Engineering day. For one sight, it seems it is out of some tech and might be declined by the team I discussed and even the CEO. But to my great surprise, My team lead-Ram, Sagar, and the marketing team were all so cooperative. It was something interesting and that helped me to launch the best vision for me.

Believe in overall development-

Health focus and work-life balance are what I think are the most important for any company to have. And I am the luckiest to have both in Primathon. From a health perspective, we had their weekly sessions conducted to teach how important health is, and even the best for health is the leave policy they have. We had our tech/non-tech sessions on Saturday for the whole team, through which we get insights of knowledge, that we can enjoy much on weekends, which for me helps in maintaining proper work-life balance 

At last, I can say I am very grateful for Primathon for providing an opportunity to shape in the way I desire always, for the best people who are more like your family than employees. With the best support of the mentors, I can see myself growing in the past few months, and surely I can change the overall perspective of others fresher too regarding the cooperative world.


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