A dive into my life as a Prima Rockstar : Saloni Rai

They say your first internship navigates your way into the professional world. It gives you the first taste of what your work life will be like, helps you test the waters of the corporate world. If that is indeed true, then I am in luck that I joined Primathon as an Intern!

The last few months were filled with a very steep learning curve. I got to experience how great products are made, the effort, strategy and hard work that goes into bringing technology to our hands. It was beautiful! You see, I was a college kid before I joined Primathon, all I cared about was grades and assignments. Somewhere between all of that and remotely attending college, I lost my touch with reality, the real world, the real work! I was able to find that and become grounded within the first few weeks of working here.

The best learning experience of my life!
My beliefs about leadership and teamwork truly changed as I worked here. I was never treated as an ‘intern’ (if you know, you know). In my first week itself, I was given ownership of a project. I remember Sagar, the founder, telling me that I can take as much time as I want, I just need to give it my best work. All the constraints were removed, all I had to do was to learn and do good work.
With multiple new ventures coming out of Primathon, I have gotten to experience the initial months of planning, strategizing and launching. This is an experience that I will hold close to me, no matter where I go in life.

The best place to work at!
Something that amazes me about working here is how well the company is able to work remotely!
The work gets done, personal boundaries are respected, no one tries to extend work timings or expect you to attend meetings outside your work hours. As simple as these things sound, they really add up to your experience as an employee. Over the last two years, all I could find were stories of bad work-from-home practices by companies, and those stories really took a toll on me. I was worried that I would get stuck in the same toxicity once I graduate. It has been such a relief knowing that good companies exist. Being here showed me that companies that care about their employees are not a superficial story. And above all, it’s not unrealistic for us to expect empathy and support from the company we work for. Thank you for breaking the toxic work culture Primathon.

I am just at the start of my career, there will be multiple things that I do, countless managers that I report to, many different teams that I will be a part of, but one thing I can surely say is that no matter where I go, I will carry a part of Primathon in me. The core values of Primathon have been deeply ingrained in me and I will use those to guide me and my career.

Once a Primarockstar, Always a Primarockstar!

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