A dive into my life as a Prima Rockstar : by Rohit Kumar

Digital Marketing Head

My first day at work was nothing less than a tragic love story. I have been working before but still, everything seems new and exciting. The day started with a sync up call and new challenges were introduced. It was a new company, a new domain and a new journey of working from home for me since the pandemic seems to be a bit rough on human mankind. 

Since I was new and young enough to have the zest of exploring, I tried to talk to as many people as I could on my first day itself. Before even joining the team, I had this idea that this company is going to be like a family if not anything else. Got a great welcome the coming weekend, and then I started getting pace on my work too. 

The first meet-up 

When there are a lot of perks of comfort while working from home, there are plenty of cons that come with it, and one of them is having a 1-on-1 upfront and close conversation with your mates(and this is, without any doubt, a big concern). 

But there we were, in a soothing café on a calming Sunday afternoon. With our mates from Delhi joining us for a tasty treat and a bit of chit-chat about life and beyond. Got to know how everyone is coping up with this pandemic era and how things have changed for them. 

The Team lunch at C.P

Guess who is the coolest CEO of all times, well for me it’s Primathon’s! Met Sagar Patidar and while we were having a discussion about how the idea of Primathon came into existence in the first place, one thing that stuck out to me was his words “The idea is to create an impact and not money”. Well, now that tells a lot about the reasons why Primathon is growing at such a brisk pace. 

The Clubs

My last company had this philosophy of keeping their employees fit by making them travel extra miles to reach the office. LOL! While the philosophy is the same with primathon, they choose a much better and exciting way to create a healthy environment by introducing Health Club. 

The concept was new for me, and since I was a new member to this club, I logged in to the google meet link a few minutes prior to the scheduled time. Everyone came, the session started and 30 mins later, we all were just so pumped up on a Thursday evening. Skipped the gym that day, and worked a little extra. By the time I got the idea about how serious the mental and Physical health well being for this not so new Tech-Startup is, I received an email with my life insurance card in it. And, oh boy, that was the day I realized what reassurance and trust looks like, I felt awarded. 

Since, there is no comparison of the working culture this company had ( According to me), my learning curve took a jump within a few months. We never know what’s coming for us next, but we surely do cherish the journey. Like life, my experience here had so many ups and downs too. But if anything I’m taking out of it is the way I can see myself grow and also that now I’m spoiled by my colleagues for having a habit of getting a comfort like a family in a tech-rocketship. For like an eternity, I believe in #primarockstar Family supremacy! 

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